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FIC: Incomplete 4/4, NC-17, FPS/SGA, ShepFord

Hello my lovely creatures--

the end, at last. Enjoy! As always, feedback is most welcome...

title: incomplete 4/4
fandom: star gate: atlantis
author: rotschopf
mail: rotschopf (at)
pairing: ford/sheppard
rating: overall NC-17
warnings: angst, romance, sexual situations, some humour, language - it's a text document, there's tons of it.
disclaimer: still not my pleasure slaves. no harm intended. no profit made. for entertainment purposes only.
started: May 24th 2005
completed: June 27th 2005
beta: silentauror, frogg and poisondreams, thanks a lot, my lovelies.
feedback: yes, hit me! harder!
archive: TDDM, my lj, skyehawke, poisonsdarkfics, wraithbait, area52 only
spoilers: The Rising, Hide and Seek, 38 Minutes; massive spoilers for Suspicions
summary: without you, all I'm ever going to be is incomplete.

as always, all my stories can be found at

A/N: the end, at last. completely transcript free.


Dr. Weir has called a meeting of all command staff, including Teyla and Dr. Kate Heightmeyer, our local psychologist. She waits patiently for the murmur to die down before she smiles encouragingly at me. "Thank you all for attending this meeting on such short notice."

"Well, it must be important if you called us out of bed," John cracks, earning himself a glare from McKay, who has been staring indignantly into his coffee.

"It is indeed important, Major," Dr. Weir replies coolly, and John's grin lessens into a half-smile. "Last night, Lieutenant Ford brought an issue to my attention, which I feel concerns everyone on this base."

I can feel John's eyes on me, but I keep my gaze firmly on Dr. Weir. "Did he now?"

"Yes, he did. Though I'm still hopeful that we're going to return home one day, other people might think differently. With that premise, naturally, comes the wish to build a life here on Atlantis and the possibility of relationships forming under less than stellar circumstances." John takes a sharp breath, and it's difficult to suppress a smirk. I have him exactly where I want him to be.

"Excuse me, Elizabeth," McKay interrupts her, putting his mug on the table. "Just so that I understand you correctly. You called a meeting of the command staff, raising us out of bed, depriving us of precious sleep, to discuss relationship policies?"

"Yes, Rodney, that's exactly what I'm saying. While you and I might be able to choose freely amongst the population of Atlantis, the military personnel don't have this freedom." She leans forward. "Major Sheppard, as I understand it, it's against regulations to fraternize with a higher or lower ranking soldier. Is that correct?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answers curtly, irritation clearly audible in his voice. "If a soldier's found out to be having a relationship with a higher or lower ranking member of his unit, they both can get court-martialed."

"Has this ever happened?" Teyla queries softly. "It seems like a pretty harsh rule to me. You cannot choose whom you fall in love with, can you?"

"It has happened before, yes."

"With good reason," Bates says. "Personal feelings don't have any business in military life. It endangers the team if a ranking military officer puts his personal feelings before the security of his men."

"That still does not change the fact that you have feelings, Sergeant."

"Please," Dr. Weir says loudly, efficiently stopping the argument between Bates and Teyla. "What we need to discuss is if we leave the fraternization regulation in place or if we discard it." She looks directly at me, telling me silently to voice my opinion on the subject. "Lieutenant, you brought the subject to me. What's your point of view on that?"

I clear my throat. "On a certain level, the regulation makes sense. It protects you from being taken advantage of by a ranking officer. But if two consenting adults want to enter a relationship, they should be able to do so, regardless of their rank or position."

"I agree. Keeping the regulation in place, does not keep you from having feelings. On the contrary. Unresolved emotional tension tends to play havoc on you, clouding your ability to make objective decisions," Teyla finishes, smiling at me. I'm glad she's said what I wouldn't have been able to say. Not with John looking at me with hurt and betrayal in his eyes.

Dr. Weir inclines her head. "Major?"

John looks at me again and I have to avert my gaze, overwhelmed with the questions burning in his eyes. But the thing that hurts more than anything else is the dejection, which superimposes any question he might want to ask me. As soon as I realize the emotion for what it is, I regret talking to Dr. Weir, even if I didn't tell her anything about my involvement with John. "I agree with my Lieutenant," he says neutrally, glancing back at Dr. Weir without really taking his eyes off me. "And-- Teyla."

McKay nods. "It makes sense. Actually, it's quite fascinating. In the military of Ancient Greece, lovers often where sent into battle together to boost their fighting spirit."

"Actually, that refers to homosexual couples, Dr McKay."

"That's not the point, Sergeant."

"I do believe it is in that case," Bates objects. "If we're discarding the regulation about fraternization, we have to take that into account."

"I still don't see what sexuality has anything got to do with the current situation, but please enlighten me."

"There's an unwritten rule in the US military, Doctor. Don't ask, don't tell. No one's got a problem with homosexuality, as long as it's not flaunted."

"Major, is there a chance that this rule might be a problem?" Dr. Weir asks, looking decidedly upset about the military's attitude towards homosexuality.

"It's hard to say. Every single soldier on this base might be gay, and you wouldn't know about it due to that rule. Which is ridiculous in my opinion. Just because someone's gay doesn't mean he wants crawl into every bed, now, does it?"

"I agree," I finally say. "People's sexuality is their own business."

"That said, we can finally move back to the topic at hand. The regulation about fraternization." Dr. Weir nods at the psychologist. "Do you see any reasons why we shouldn't drop that particular regulation?"

"On the contrary," Dr Heightmeyer replies. "Unresolved emotional or sexual tension can lead to a smorgasbord of scenarios, ranging from general moodiness to a fully fledged depression. To know that the object of your infatuation is out of reach because of a regulation is more stressing than being rejected because after a refusal, the mind can enter its healing process."

John snorts. "You make it sound like falling in love's a disease you have to be cured from."

"Falling in love in itself is not a stressful situation, Major. Unrequited love on the other hand is," she retorts haughtily, and I couldn't have agreed more, though on a very different level. Being in love with John isn't what hurts. Knowing that your feelings are returned, but that your unable to act upon them, is an entirely different matter.

"Sergeant, are there any security-based objections to discarding the regulation?"

I half-expect Bates to lapse into elaborated explanations about why exactly the regulations should stay in place. It would be his thing to do. Thus, I'm quite dumbfounded when he shakes his head. "No, ma'am, I don't have any security-based objections."

"Well, then it's settled. All regulations concerning the fraternization with lower or higher ranking military personnel are discarded. Effective immediately. The meeting is adjourned."

I stand up and make for the doors when I feel a hand on my arm. I turn around, meeting John's glare. "A word, Lieutenant."

"Yes, sir."

He briskly walks out the room, straight out on a balcony. He waits until the door slides shut behind me. "What the hell do you think you were doing, Ford?" he spits, invading my private space. "If that's your idea of getting back at me, then you can congratulate yourself, Lieutenant! You've managed to piss me off like nothing else!"

"It wasn't my version of getting back at you," I reply calmly, though I notice I'm trembling.

"Then why did you go to Weir and tell her about us, outing me in the process?" he hisses, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides.

"Oh, that's so typically you, John. You're so full of yourself that you automatically assume I went to her to get back at *you* and out *you*. Has it occurred to you that, *maybe*, I didn't tell her about us? That, *maybe*, I went to her because I was fed up with your fucking attitude?"

"I thought we had an agreement," he growls, turning away from me.

"No, John. *You* had an agreement to treat me like a damn' fuck toy! Getting the regs out of the way was *my* way of showing you that I'm serious. But obviously, my faith in you was misplaced." I take a deep breath, deciding to end this argument. "Maybe, it was also my way of showing myself that I was only a fling for you, a convenient bed partner until you realized that I feel more for you than just attraction. Now, I can start my own private healing process and just forget about you. You really are not worth it."

I turn on my heels and go back inside, walking straight into Teyla. "Sorry, Teyla. I didn't mean to--"

"It is alright, Lieutenant." She frowns. "But-- are you alright?"

"Not really, no," I admit, and it's the truth. I had thought that walking away from him would be easy, even with my feelings for him still firmly in place. But I'm feeling more incomplete than ever, quite sure that our last two fights have also ruined any chance for friendship in the future. "But I'll be. Don't worry about it."

"Are you sure? I can talk to him--"

"No!" I say quickly. "Please, just let it rest. I'll be fine eventually. It's not the first time I've broken up with someone."

She nods, understanding and compassion brilliant in her eyes. "If you need to talk about it one time or another, you know where to find me."

"Thank you, Teyla." I smile at her. "I've got to go. I'm on duty for babysitting our 'guest'."

She grins. "Good luck, Lieutenant. I have heard that our guest is not very talkative."

"That's fine with me. Gives me a lot of quietude to think."

She laughs softly before she embraces me. "Have a good day, Aiden."

"Thanks. You too, Teyla."


When I return to my quarters in the evening, I'm exhausted. I didn't think standing guard in silence for a whole day would be so tiring. The only thing I want now is a nice long shower and then a good night's sleep, hopefully *without* dreams about John.

I enter my rooms, not bothering with turning on the lights. I shrug out of my vest and uniform jacket, tossing them onto the chair. I stretch, moaning in satisfaction as my vertebrae crack back into place.

"That doesn't sound too healthy, Lieutenant."

I whirl around, the lights coming on. John is sitting on my bed, looking even more beat than I feel. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't see you there."

"Nothing to be sorry for. It was me who decided to sit in the dark and wait for you."

"Is there anything in particular you wanted, Major? Because I'm really tired and just want to grab a shower and go straight to bed."

"Yes, there was something I wanted." He stands up and comes to me. "I wanted to apologize."

I narrow my eyes. "For what exactly?"

"For my behavior, for the way I treated you, for not talking to you, for leaving you hanging, for hurting you--"

"Okay, I get it. That doesn't change a thing, though," I add, trying desperately to keep my distance, which is no easy feat. Not when he looks at me like a kicked puppy.

"I was afraid you'd be saying that."

"Did you really think apologizing would make me forgive and forget what you've done?"

"No, of course not." He threads his fingers through his hair, a definite sign that he was feeling nervous and insecure. He sighs. "I freaked," he says softly. "When you allowed me to make love to you-- I realized that you're in this for the long run. And I freaked. I've never been in a serious relationship with a man, and I was terrified that you and I had come to point where it went beyond infatuation and simply being in love. And I realized something else today. You're so much braver than I am, and you're right when you're saying that I'm not worth your effort. You stand up for what you believe in. I run. But I'm done running, Aiden."

I look at him intently. I know that he's serious. Yet, I can't bring myself to give in to him. I desperately want him to stay, especially now, after he's told me the true reason why he ran. But I'm still uncertain about what he's expecting from me now. "It's getting late, John."

His face falls, but he nods. "Of course. I'm sorry."

"Never mind. Good night, John."

"Good night, Aiden." He turns and walks to the door. I have a hard time swallowing my disappointment. I'd hoped that he would at least get over his pride and ask me if he could stay; I know I would've said yes. Yet, he answers my rejection with resignation, running away again. But I refuse to be the one running after him this time and begging for his attention. I'm done fighting for him. Maybe, we're just not meant to be. In that case, I need to get a grip on my emotions again and move on.

"Aiden?" I jump, not having noticed that he's still here, standing by the door and looking at me with fear in his eyes.

I frown. John Sheppard is never afraid, and it almost terrifies me that he is. "Yeah?"

"Can I stay with you tonight?" His voice is quavering, showing me how much it must have cost him to ask me this simple question.

Something inside of me melts. I can't refuse him. Yet, there's something I need to tell him before we can move on. "There's something I need you to know first. This is serious, John. I can't do this if you're uncertain about this-- about *us*. I need to know that you mean it. That you're not going to run first thing in the morning because you're freaking out again."

I hold my breath. I can practically see the wheels turning in his head, processing what I've just told him. Then, he covers the distance between us and takes my face into his hands. I close my eyes, relishing the feeling of his fingers on my skin. "I'm certain. I can't promise that I won't freak out again, but I can promise that I won't run if it happens." He brushes his thumbs over my lips, whispering: "I meant what I said last night. I'm in love with you. I know that I have fucked up royally and that I need to regain your trust before we move beyond this. I just want to hold you for tonight. And a lot of nights to come. And I'm going to kiss you now before I queen out completely."

Then, his mouth is one mine, and my arms automatically move into their familiar position around his waist, drawing him closer. Our lips part almost simultaneously, our tongues brushing against each other as if we haven't been apart for the past two weeks. He breaks the kiss suddenly, pulling me tightly against his body. He presses his face against my neck, and for a second I think he's going to cry. Of course, that's ridiculous; he never cries.

He releases me, and I can see that he has indeed tears in his eyes. "John?"

"I'm sorry. It's just-- I can't believe you--" He takes a deep breath. "I never thought you'd give us a second chance."

This time, I cup his face gently. "You're not the only one in love." I brush my lips against his without deepening the kiss. "Why don't you make yourself at home while I take my shower?"

He nods. "Alright. But don't take too long. I don't want to be asleep *again* when you come to bed."

I laugh. It had happened more than once in the past that I had gone to take a shower, only to find John fast asleep when I had finally crawled out of the bathroom again. In retrospect, I had cherished those nights the most, when John had instinctively rolled towards me as soon as I had slipped under the sheets. "I'll be right back."

I pluck a fresh pair of boxer briefs from one drawer before I enter my bathroom. I quickly shuck out of the rest of my uniform and hop under the shower. I struggle to be as fast as possible, ignoring the relief the hot water brings to my sore back. As soon as I have toweled myself dry, I step into my boxer briefs and return to my bedroom, not bothering with picking up my clothes.

John's already lying in bed, looking at me expectantly. I raise my eyebrows. "You shaved your chest?" I smile. I had always tried to talk him into shaving off his chest hair, but until now, he had refused to budge, telling me that it was a statement of his masculinity. "Why?"

"Does it matter?" He averts his gaze, blushing slightly.

"It does, since you always were adamant about keeping it." I lift the sheets and slip in besides him. "So, why?"

"Because you like it. There, happy?" he almost snaps at me, but still pulls me back against his chest, spooning me.

"Very." He nuzzles his face into my shoulder, hugging me even tighter to his body. "I missed you, John."

"I missed you, too. Which actually spooked me even more." He kisses me softly on my neck. "Let's sleep. We both have to be up early."

"Did you set the alarm?"

"Yep, I did."

I turn my head and kiss him good night. Slowly, the lights dim into darkness, but I know I wouldn't be able to sleep right now. I'm hyper-aware of his body pressed up against mine, and I can feel the effect I'm having on him slowly growing against my cheeks. "I thought you wanted to sleep," I say teasingly, wriggling my ass.

"Sorry, I can't help it. Doesn't mean I have to act on it, though."

I grin, feeling equally mischievous and turned on. Slowly, but deliberately, I move against him.

"Aiden, stop it, please," he moans, pressing his nose against the nape of my neck, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. He tries to keep still, but he can't prevent his hips starting to move in counterpoint to mine. Finally, I grab his hand and put it over my own hard cock, sighing when I feel his fingers close around it instinctively. "Aiden..."

"Just pull them off," I whisper, lifting my hips as he pushes my boxer briefs down to my knees. Someone is whimpering, and I realize it's me.

I freeze when I feel two wet fingers between my cheeks, briefly wondering where and when John got the lube. "I'm not going to fuck you," he whispers reassuringly, moving his digits over my hole. "I just want to make you feel good." He repositions his dick, moving it slowly up and down my crack. "You're so beautiful like this, Aiden."

I moan, realizing that, two nights ago, John had been there from the beginning. "You should have said something."

"I couldn't," he pants, quickening the pace on my prick. "I was freaked beyond anything else, but I just couldn't keep my hands off you. You were so fucking beautiful, so sensual..."

I moan again, thrusting up into his hand. "John..." He rubs against the slit and I cry out. "Please..."

"Please what, babe? Tell me what you want."

I don't know what I want at the moment. His fingers, his tongue, anything. "Anything. Just *do* something."

He chuckles softly, nibbling at my neck. "Are you sure you trust me enough to let me do *anything* to you, Aiden?"

"Yeah." I moan again as he bites me, soothing the mark with his tongue.

"Good." He draws back and pushes me onto my back. I struggle out of my boxer briefs, wondering what he has in store for me. I trust him not to simply spread my legs and fuck me, though I have to admit, if only to myself, that I don't care at this point.

He settles between my legs, kissing me deeply before he moves lower, tracing the contours of my body with his tongue and lips. I tangle my fingers in his hair, watching his progress with growing anticipation. I know I'm shouting when his mouth finally closes over my prick. He knows how to tease me just the right way and to keep me from coming for a long time; I wouldn't want it any other way.

Suddenly, the door opens and the lights flare to life. Both John and I turn our heads, and I have to struggle not to laugh aloud. Bates and three marines are standing in the doorway, their P90s aimed, and they're staring at us with a mixture of embarrassment, intrigue and mortification at finding their two ranking officers in a very compromising position.

"Sir," Bates finally says, his eyes darting nervously around my rooms. "We heard some shouting."

"File a complaint with the Major, Sergeant," I reply calmer than I currently feel. "I didn't want to alarm you."

"Complaint noticed and filed. You really should keep yourself under control, Lieutenant," John immediately says, his eyes glinting with mischief.

"Sir, yes, sir." I start squirming because his breath is fanning softly over my over-sensitized glans. "I'm sorry, sir."

"Never mind, Lieutenant." He grins at Bates, raising one eyebrow. "Either come in or get out, Bates, but close the door, will you."

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. Good night, sir."

"Good night, Sergeant. - Now, where were we, Lieutenant?"

"I think--," I raise my hips, rubbing my cock over his lips, "--right here, Major."

The door closes with a soft hiss and the lights go out again. Without further comment on the interruption, John takes me into his mouth again. I don't even bother with trying to keep quiet; his lips, tongue and the hard suction are simply too much for me to bear. He grunts when I involuntarily buck my hips into his mouth and press his head down, but he doesn't struggle. He slips his hands under my ass, encouraging me to keep thrusting into his mouth.

"John..." I moan, trying to warn him somehow that I'm going to come soon, but the only thing he does is suck even harder. Then, his fingers brush over my hole again, and I'm lost. I double over from the intensity of my climax, curling around him as he swallows. He instantly releases me as soon as I'm spent, kissing me hard. I reach for his prick, only to find it flaccid and pliant between his legs, sticky with his own come.

"Sorry 'bout that. You're just too hot like this," he replies sheepishly, stealing another kiss from me.

I lie back down, pulling him with me. For a moment, we bath in our afterglow, words being unnecessary for now. "I think we freaked Bates," I finally say, drawing idle patterns on his shoulder blades.

He utters a noncommittal grunt, snuggling deeper into my chest. "I don't care," he mutters, his lips ghosting over my skin. "Let him know that we're an item. Sooner or later, everyone will catch on."

"You really don't mind?" I cannot help but ask. Before John had come to my quarters earlier this night, I didn't even think that we would ever get back together. Now, he's basically announcing that we're a couple and that he doesn't care who knows about it.

"I don't." He looks up at me. "I told you I'm serious about us, Aiden. I mean it. And I will prove it to you."

"You don't need to prove it, John. I was just curious. As long as you don't run in the morning, I'm fine."

He snorts again, putting his head back on my chest. A few moments later, his deep and regular breath tells me that he's asleep. I smile, perfectly content with John's weight against my body, and close my eyes. Sleep doesn't take long to claim me.


I wake up slowly, feeling cold and alone. For a moment, it doesn't faze me. I've become used to waking up alone over the past two weeks, ever since John's left me. I sit up abruptly, realizing that I hadn't gone to bed alone last night. John had been here. I close my eyes in defeat. Once again, he's gone. Has it all been a dream after all? It couldn't be. I still can make out the faint pressure lines on my chest where John had fallen asleep.

I feel panicked. Has everything he'd told me last night been a lie after all? And if not, where is he?

I notice a piece of paper on my drawer. I pick it up and smile.

/Hello, sleeping beauty--

I know exactly what you're thinking, Aiden, so you can stop fretting now. I just didn't have the heart to wake you after you slept right through the alarm. You looked so peaceful in your sleep... I'm in the mess hall with Beckett, McKay and Dr. Weir. Why don't you come and join us?


P.S.: Never forget that I'm in love with you.
P.P.S.: I must have left my dog tags in your rooms *somewhere*/

I frown, which is hard with that silly grin on my face. A soldier never takes off his dog tags except for-- I laugh. Leave it to John Sheppard to deliberately *forget* his dog tags in the shower. I shake my head and pad into my bathroom to retrieve the tags. As I had anticipated, they're hanging over the shower taps.

I'm taking a quick shower myself before I get dressed. I don his tags additionally to mine and leave my quarters. I wonder if Bates has already blabbed to each and every person on this base about John and me, but so far I don't receive any stares that might indicate he has.

"Sir!" Speaking of the devil. I turn around, waiting until Bates has caught up with me. "Do you have a moment?"

"Sure. What's up, Sergeant?"

"Sir, I wanted to apologize for last night. I didn't have any right to intrude your privacy like I did," he says very fast, blushing furiously at the mentioning of last night.

I feel pity for the security chief. "Never mind, Bates. Most likely, I would've done the same in your place. You were doing your job."

"Thank you, sir." He looks at me. "Can I speak frankly, sir?"

Inwardly, I cringe. "Go ahead."

"Yesterday, when we talked about regulations-- You were talking about you and the Major, right?"

"In a way, I did. I wanted to have it out of the way because the thing Major Sheppard and I have isn't just a fling." Well, that is close enough to the truth. He doesn't need to know that I simply wanted to take John's excuse away and open up the possibility of a future relationship with another guy on base; at least, at the time we were discussing regulations.

Bates actually smiles. "I'm glad, sir. It took you two long enough." His smile turns into a smirk. "Have a nice day, sir!" He turns and walks away, leaving me staring after him. *That* I hadn't reckoned with.

I shake my head and continue my walk to the mess hall. I spot them in a corner as soon as I enter the room, John sitting with his back to me. Teyla notices me first, but I put my finger against my lips, telling her silently to not give me away. I have to repeat the gesture as the others on the table see me, sneaking up behind John.

"Something is different about you, Major," McKay says, shuffling cards. Obviously, John's talked him once again into playing poker.

"What do you mean?" John replies nonchalantly, pulling at the open collar of his shirt.

"Something's missing, but I can't tell you what." McKay stares intently at John, checking him out without inhibition. I raise an eyebrow. "Your dog tags are missing," he finally says, his eyes wandering lower even. "And your-- chest hair."

"I didn't think you'd notice, McKay," John retorts, accepting his deal of cards.

"Why did you do it?" McKay presses on, his eyes still fixed on the hairless and tag-less patch of skin John's half-opened uniform shirt is revealing.

John studies his cards, requesting to change two of them with a gesture. "My lover likes me better without the hair," he says almost absentmindedly.

McKay's face falls, and he swallows. My assumptions have been correct, then. McKay's indeed interested in John. "Your lover," he repeats, requesting three cards from the bank. "Well, she's a lucky girl."

John looks up from his hand and smirks. "Whoever said my lover's a girl?" All of a sudden, the room is eerily silent. Heads turn towards the conversation, which John doesn't seem to notice. He puts down his cards, again scratching his neck where the chain should have been. "What's the matter, McKay? Cat caught your tongue?"

"You're gay." It isn't a question.

Teyla meets my eyes for a brief second, a smile playing around the corners of her mouth. I'm almost tempted to let John know that I'm standing right behind him, but I want to know how he's going to react to McKay's statement.

"Bisexual, but currently involved with a man," John clarifies, arching his brows at McKay. "Got a problem with that?"

"No." McKay leans back. "No, I'm just-- erm-- surprised. You didn't strike me as the bisexual type."

John shrugs. "Nothing wrong with that. Especially not with my lover standing right behind me." He looks up at me, smirking. "You really didn't think I wouldn't notice you standing there, Aiden, did you?"

I grin. "Worth a try."

He half-turns in his chair, pulling me between his open thighs. "Did you find my tags?"

"Yeah, you left them in the shower." I remove the chain from my neck and slip it over his head. "Let's try not to make a habit of you leaving your tags in my shower."

"Join us?" he asks, his hands traveling up my thighs to come resting just under my ass.

"Alright. As long as I don't have to play. I suck at poker. And don't even think of turning that into innuendo." I borrow a chair from the table next to ours and straddle it backwards. McKay is staring at me, dumbfounded. "Everything alright, McKay?"

"Yes, yes. I just-- I didn't see that coming." He tries to sound uninterested and bored, but I can hear the hurt in his voice. Somehow, I feel sorry for him.

"Looks like you haven't been looking at the lad very closely, then, Rodney," Beckett comments, beaming at me. "Even I saw it coming."

"Oh, we all know that McKay tends to overlook him," John says teasingly. "Which is a good thing."

"Oh, yes. Pick on the oblivious Canadian, why don't you?" McKay snaps, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Carson is the first to throw a paper ball at McKay, and soon, John and I join in. Dr. Weir only shakes her head at our antics, a smile threatening to break over her face, while Teyla looks at us with mild interest.

Finally, McKay breaks into a grin as well, picking up his cards again. "Are we done with acting like children?" he asks, wriggling his eyebrows. "This time, you won't be so lucky, Major." McKay reveals his hand - a pair of jacks and a triple of kings.

"Ah, but you're forgetting, McKay, I have my lucky charm with me." He kisses me quickly, before revealing his deck - a pair of queens and a triple of aces. "You're losing again, McKay."

McKay stares at John's hand, flopping back into his chair. "I don't believe this."

"Oh, better believe it. It's hard to win against him," I offer, putting my chin on his shoulder. "I'm really sorry to say it, but I have to go."

"Do you have to?" John is almost whining, but that only elicits a chuckle from me.

"Yeah, some bastard put me on the duty roster for babysitting our guest."

He grins sheepishly at me. "I think I'll join you. Let's see if I can get something out of him yet." We stand up simultaneously, John nodding at the other occupants of the table. "McKay, it was a pleasure as always."

We leave the mess hall together, stopping as soon as we're out of sight and earshot. "I can't believe you did this," I say fondly, putting my arms around his waist.

"I told you I was going to prove it to you." He prods my softly with his nose. "I don't want you to doubt me again."

"I won't." I lean in for a brief, but lingering kiss, before I take his hand, resuming our walk. I don't care about the curious looks we get. I even can ignore the disgusted snorts some of the personnel utter. All I care about is that I'm no longer feeling incomplete.


the end!

Take care & happy reading!

luv & hugs
The Drow
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